Danang: Beach Tourism Festival 2019

Beach Tourism Festival 2019 is an event organized by Son Tra and Danang Tourism Beaches Management Board, with the permission from Danang People’s Committee annually on the holiday period of 30th April and 1st May. The event has become a popular cultural, sports and tourism event for locals and tourists.

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In 2019, Beach tourism festival 2019 will occur from 26/4/2019 to 01/5/2019 at Bien Dong Park, Danang tourism beaches, Lang Ong and Son Tra peninsula with activities to promote environment protection and tourism at Son Tra Peninsula and Danang beaches…

Check-in thuyền thúng/ photo gallery

This year, in addition to annual activities such as music shows, “Son Tra eco-diversity” photo gallery, cuisine corner, kite shows, sand building contest, arrangement art corners etc., the organizing board will introduce new activities to participants such as “Collecting rubbish, sharing love”…

Thả diều nghệ thuật /kite shows

Display of products made from recycled materials, chess contest at Ban Co Peak – Son Tra Peninsula, swimming contest, hot-air balloon, beach jogging, music events with famous artists and Opening ceremony at 16h30 on Friday 26/4/2019.


(From 26/4 – 1/5/2019)

No. Activity Location  
1 “Collecting rubbish, sharing love” Thanh Khe  
2 Kite Show Bien Dong Park  
3 Check-in locations: Danang Summer, Sea animals, Arrangement arts … Bien Dong Park and beach  
4 Cycling parade “Protecting the beach of Danang – No plastic bag – No smoke” Along the coast and Bach Dang  
5 Beer Festival and Cuisine garden Bien Dong Park  
6 Beach Music Lang Ong Park  
7 Hot-air balloon Bien Dong Park and Lang Ong Park  
8 DaNang Muay Thai Beach Fight    
9 Opening ceremony of Beach Tourism Festival BNF Stage, Bien Dong Park  
10 Service- Tourism Stall Bien Dong Park  
11 Son Tra eco-diversity photo gallery “Son Tra Moments” Bien Dong Park  
12 Chess contest on Ban Co Peak Son Tra Peninsula  
13 Opening of 3 tourist information stalls Bien Dong Park, Son Tra Peninsula  
14 Display of products made from recycled materials Bien Dong Park  
15 Kayaking contest “Surfing My Khe” Bien Dong Park  
16 Exploring the night sky via astronomical telescope Bien Dong Park  
17 Sports dance Bien Dong Park  
18 Sand building contest Beach – Bien Dong Park  
19 Arragement art of boats and surfboards Beach – Bien Dong Park  
20 Swimming contest Beach – Bien Dong Park  
21 Art show at Blue Sea Bar  

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