Body Massage
Equipped with modern massage chair and courteous staffs, body massage therapy helps you improve relaxation after hard working. We provide the best service packages that strengthen health, improve flexibility. There are some products including:
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Foot Massage
Equipped with massage chairs and experienced staffs, we hope that foot massage can be a deeply relaxing for everyday work and play. Eden Plaza Da Nang shows good Foot Massage packages that you will be content with strong feet. 
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Beauty Salon
It is understood that the clients would love to make beauty. Our perfect services combined with top-class cosmetics made from natural ingredients:
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Gym service is nearby swimming pool in garden view and combined with modern training system that helps you bring good fitness, relieve stress and anxiety in the entire body.
You can register to dual services (pool – gym) with discount. 
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Swimming Pool
Swimming pool is located in the center area of hotel, surrounded by the rooms. The pool is covered by the trees around where you immerse in cool water, sunbath, breath and enjoy snacks or soft drinks with your friends, family…
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