Wedding Places - Love Venue

Behind a perfect wedding party is a glorious background made by Eden Plaza Da Nang.

There are kinds of the lobby from small-size, warm and appropriate ones to big-size ones for all couples can hold their wedding with more 1000 seats. Here, you are able to hold from simple and familiar parties to luxurious ones. Eden Plaza Da Nang is always willing to meet demands.

Look through some typical lobbies in Eden Plaza Da Nang:

Royal Lobby: This is the biggest lobby of Eden Plaza with a capacity of more than 1000 seats (if combined with Sapphire Lobby). Equipped with modern visual-audio devices together with luxurious royal space, your wedding will become as splendid as it can. All you can do now is dressing the best like Princes or Princesses in Disney with the most melodic and romantic piece of music.

King and Queen Lobby: Despite being designed with sophisticated style, each of lobbies has its own feature that distinguishes from the others. King and Queen Lobby are designed with subtle lines of art and harmonious furniture, so it attracts people with the idea: "There is the harmony between warmth and glory".

With a capacity of 500 seats with 370m2 wide, King and Queen Lobby is always the best choice for most of the couples.

Eden Lobby: It's one of two lobbies installed an attic above. Here, you can easily immerse yourself in colorful magical pictures. With broad angles, it will bring strange new views for both couples and guests.

With a capacity of 400 seats and 400m2 in area, Eden Lobby will be the proper choice for warm and memorable parties.

The Sun Lobby: Being warm and multi-function with 77m2 wide, this lobby is perfectly suitable for family reunions, engagement or presenting parties,... with the capacity of 50 seats. In addition, it is also decorated with familiar features bringing us the feeling of a sense of belonging.

Each lobby has its own maximum capacity shown in the following pictures:

Make a good choice for your important day with ideal spaces and glorious backgrounds at Eden Plaza Da Nang.